farewell westchester

There are planes above us

chicken thighs on the grill

and black girls swimming through soft blue water


the apartments are made with double-paned windows

one to close out the cold

one to cut out the deep whisper of engines


we sit on a rust orange couch

talking about movies we’ll never make

quizzing each other about movie stars we’ll never know


Westchester is dry heat and jet fumes all over

black girls swimming in the hot tub

apartment jungle stucco maze


how did i get here, feel home here

on wide streets and parking structures

full of ghosts


we fly and argue and laugh

because it’s so hot in this room

you’re on the way out to grill a steak


Westchester is a dream

a gray and silver stallion made of smoke


Westchester is fast and affordable

when Los Angeles pulls out and away

families can still eat at Sizzler


men with vacant eyes

sports bars with Inglewood OG’s

and women with finger waves hot off the beach


live here

because maybe i never wanted to leave

maybe i’ll miss you


maybe this place is so far from what i know

what i know to love

but we made home here for months

we made home in the exhaust of airplanes

we made laughter and long walks out of nowhere


The abandoned lot to Hollywood

~Nijla (2017)